Ordinance #1: City Meetings



BE IT ORDAINED by the Chairman and Board of said Village of Georgetown, Idaho:


That the Chairman and Board thereof shall hold their regular meetings on the 1st Tuesday of each month, at 8:00 o’clock p.m., or such other hour as the said Chairman may from time to time designate.


That the Chairman or any three members of the Board shall have power to call special meetings of the Village Board, the object of which shall be submitted to the Trustees in writing and the call and object, as well as the disposition thereof, shall be entered upon the journal by the Clerk.


That at all meetings a majority of the Board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.


That at all regular and adjourned meetings any business properly within the jurisdiction of the Chairman and Board may be transacted; but at special meetings the action of said Chairman and Board shall be confined to the particular business for which the call was made.


That the order of business at every regular meeting of said Chairman and Board shall be as follows:

1st – Roll Call
2nd – Reading of minutes of last regular and all intervening meetings
3rd – Unfinished business
4th – Reports of Committees
5th – Reception of petitions, resolutions, bills and memorials
6th – New business
7th – Motions


That the style of all ordinances shall be “Be it ordained by the Chairman and Board of the Village of Georgetown, Idaho, ” and all ordinances of a general nature shall, before they take effect within one month after they are passed, be posted in three conspicuous places:  provided, however, that in case of riot, infectious or contagious diseases, or other impending danger requiring its immediate operation, such ordinance shall take effect upon the proclamation of the Chairman, posted in at least three public places in the Village, and the passage of an ordinance shall require the yeas, and nays to be taken and entered on the journal.  Any member may cause the yeas and nays to be so taken and entered on any question, and all proceedings shall be public.


That all ordinances and resolutions or orders for the appropriation or payment of money shall require for their passage or adoption the concurrences of a majority of all members elected to the Board; ordinances of a general or permanent nature shall be fully and distinctly read on three different days, unless three-fourths of the board shall dispense with the rule; ordinances shall contain no subject which is not clearly expressed in the title, and no ordinance or section thereof shall be revised or amended unless the new ordinance contain the entire ordinance or section so amended shall be repealed.


That all claims against said Village must be presented to the Board in writing, with a full account of the items, verified by the oath of claimant or his agent, that the same is correct, reasonable and just, and no claims or demands shall be audited or allowed unless presented and verified as herein provided; upon the allowance of claims by the Board, the order or their payment shall specify the particular fund or appropriation out of which they are payable as specified in the annual appropriation bill, and no order of warrant shall be drawn in excess of fifty percent of the current levy for the purpose for which it was drawn unless there shall be sufficient money in the treasury at the credit of the proper fund for its payments, and no claim shall be audited or allowed except an order or warrant for the payment thereof may legally be drawn.


All petitions, resolutions, protests or memorials offered for the consideration of the Board shall be presented in writing, together with the reasons therefore, and signed by the person or persons presenting it.


That at the first regular meeting after the annual election in April of each year, the Board shall elect from their number a Chairman of the Board.  The Chairman with the consent of the Board may then appoint a Village attorney and an overseer of streets, who shall hold their offices for one year unless sooner removed by the Chairman with the advice and consent of the Board.  The Chairman by and with the consent of the Board shall appoint such a number of regular policemen as may be necessary, and may also appoint special policemen from time to time as exigencies arise.  All police officers appointed by the Chairman and Board in accordance herewith shall be removable at any time by the Chairman.  The Chairman shall then also appoint the standing committees hereinafter mentioned and provided for.


The currently existing Ordinance #1, which is undated, is hereby repealed and all ordinances and parts of ordinances in conflict with this ordinance are hereby repealed.

PASSED AND APPROVED BY THE MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL of the City of Georgetown, Idaho, this 4th day of November 1993.