November 1, 2016 Council Minutes

November 1, 2016


Those Present: Glenn Hunter, DeLoy Kunz, Matthew Argyle, Ada DeClark, Samantha Cooper, Doug Thompson, Mayor Robert VanCleave, representatives from Ireland Bank.


Meeting called to order:  7:00 pm                            Invocation:  Councilmember Matt Argyle


The chair entertained a motion from Councilmember Argyle that the council accepts the published agenda. Councilmember Hunter seconded the motion.  All were in favor and the motion carried the council.


Minutes from October 4, 2016 regular council meeting were read aloud by Clerk Cooper.  The chair entertained a motion from councilmember Hunter that council accepts minutes as read.  Councilmember DeClark seconded the motion.  All were in favor and the motion carried.


Cynthia from Ireland Bank came to encourage the city to change the savings account from a savings account to a money market account, which will pay additional interest. Mayor VanCleave asked if there were any negatives or any loss of functionality in making this change, and Cynthia indicated there were not.  Councilmember Argyle made a motion to make the change, Councilmember Hunter seconded it.  All were in favor and motion carried.


Doug wanted clarification from council regarding protocol for adding cremains to currently occupied gravesite. He indicated it has been done in the past, but he wanted to make sure the council had no concerns.  It was determined that the addition of cremains is acceptable.


There was discussion regarding a Quit Claim Deed filed in the 90’s. The issue came up when the owner attempted to sell property that had been given to him by the city in exchange for loss of other property that occurred when Stringtown Rd was straightened, years ago.  When the title company did a search, they found original verbiage in the 1999 Deed that indicated the land was to be used for Recreational Access.  Mayor VanCleave indicated he is attempting to have the issue rectified and has made contact with the city attorney.


Clerk Cooper apprised the council of issues the city has been having with equipment. Last month the city’s printer died.  Upon purchase of a new printer, the accounts receivable software would not function properly.  After lengthy consultation with the builder of the software and another computer expert, it was determined the software would not work with the new printer.  The city’s accounts receivable software is quite old, in the DOS format, and this problem comes up each time a new component is added to the mix.  Contact was made with several software vendors, only to learn that new software that will do what we need varies in cost from $2000 to $30000.  Clerk Cooper ultimately bought a separate printer to use with the accounts receivable software, and this will provide a fix.


As a result of the equipment issues, water and sewer payments for October have not yet been processed, but will be deposited within the next week.

Councilmember Argyle brought up a need for new radios for the fire department.  He said it would benefit the city to have three new handheld radios, with all local frequencies installed to insure interagency communication in the event of a catastrophic event.  Councilmember DeClark made a motion to approval purchase of three radios with price not to exceed $2000.  Councilmember Glen seconded.  Motion carried.

Councilmember DeClark said the annual Christmas tree lighting will be held November 28th.  The planned menu consists of hotdogs, chili, smores, and hot chocolate.  Clerk Cooper will print and distribute flyers to be handed out at the school advising of the event.  There will be a visit from Santa Claus.


Police Report: Officer John Martinez made 32 total contacts for the month of September.

Maintenance Report: Doug ordered the new much-needed street signs for Georgetown.  He is looking into pricing for additional signs.

Office Report: Due to equipment failures, there was no delinquent report for October. Clerk Cooper reminded council of the open forum being held at the Georgetown School Thursday 11/4/16 @ 7pm, and that the office will be closed for city business and used for the election on November 8.

The chair entertained a motion from councilmember DeClark that the council approve checks and vouchers for the month of October 2016 in the amount of $22370.82 in the general fund, $1110.53 in the water fund, $34718.34 in the sewer fund with all funds totaling $58199.69.   Councilmember Kunz seconded the motion. All were in favor and the motion carried the council.

The chair entertained a motion from councilmember Argyle that the council adjourn from the November 2016 council meeting at 8:25 pm. Councilmember Hunter seconded the motion. All were in favor and the motion carried the council.

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