Special Meeting – November 6, 2014

November 6, 2014 – Special Meeting


Those Present:  Matt Argyle, Ada DeClark, Joe DeClark, Glenn Hunter, Clerk Lynette Smith, Doug Thompson, Mayor Bob Van Cleave, Mable Whitmore


Meeting called to order:  10:00 am


The City has been approved for consideration for a grant for a drinking water plan and study. The grant is for no more than 50% of the total planning costs. The City advertised to accept requests for proposals from engineers in The News-Examiner published on October 22 and 29, 2014. Proposals were due to the City Hall on November 4th by 2:00 pm. The only RFP submitted was from Keller Associates.  Councilmember Ada DeClark made the motion to award the proposal to Keller Associates, as long as the total cost of the study is under $40,000.00 and to give the Mayor and Council President Joe DeClark authority to sign any related documents for the grant application. Councilmember Glenn Hunter seconded the motion. All were in favor and the motion carried.


The chair entertained a motion from councilmember Matt Argyle that the council adjourn from the Special Meeting at 10:30 am. Councilmember Ada DeClark seconded the motion. All were in favor and the motion carried the council.


Respectfully submitted,


Lynette Smith, City Clerk

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