City Council Meeting – July 7, 2009

July 7, 2009

Those Present:  Wanda Dunn, Barry Bergholm, Joe Declare, Annell Williamson, Albert Johnson, Duane Peterson, Doug Thompson, Rex Skinner,

Meeting called to order: 7:00 pm

Invocation: Duane Peterson

Minutes from the June 2, 2009 council meeting were read. The chair entertained a motion from council member Joe DeClark the council approve the minutes as read. Council member Barry Bergholm seconded the motion. All were in favor and the motion passed the council unanimously.

Mayor Johnson told the council Keller Engineering met with Doug for a walk through on the sewer system. They found little deterioration in the collection system and very little infiltration in the lines. The manholes looked good and all funding will probably be used on the lagoon and discharge system. No one had come forth with information regarding the vandalizing of the bear in the City park. Mayor Johnson met with David McGuire who represents the mining industry entities and is a liaison between the industries and the communities; helping them receive accurate information and gathers comments and suggestions for the mining industries.

Council member Annell Williamsontold the council she had had several complaints about the motorcycles speeding up and down West Street. The motorcycles are not only a nuisance but also noisy. It was suggested she enlighten Rex to the situation and have him patrol the area a little more than he does. She reported some dogs running around without licenses and reported on the SICOG meeting .

Council member Joe DeClarkreported on the meeting with Eileen Hillmen from EPA. She inspected the wastewater department along with Joe and Doug. She asked why the city had not responded to the letter sent by EPA on the discharge violations. Mayor Johnson is scheduled with a conference call on the 15th of July with EPA, DEQ, and Keller Engineering to discuss the wastewater system.

Council member Duane Petersontold the council the city bought back 2 empty burial plots from the Rodeback family members. He has submitted the first chapter for the City of Georgetown to the Idaho Cities Book. He will be gone for Twin Creeks but has ordered the food for lunch and will have it available.

Council member Barry Bergholmasked the council to review Ordinance #27. The council needs to agree upon the ordinance and proceed with a solution to the animal nuisance problem discussed last month in connection with the complaint registered by Anna Campbell. The council discussed the issue and the chair entertained a motion from council member Annell Williamson the council adopt a resolution addressing citizen complaints. The complaining party will need to write the complaint and submit the complaint before the council; a copy of the grievance will be sent to the party in violation; a 10 day period of time will allow opportunity to submit a rebuttal to the complaint; each party will submit a solution to the problem; if complaints or rebuttals are not received violations will not be enforced. Discussion progressed. The motion died for lack of a second. Council member Joe DeClark suggested Officer Skinner measure from the Campbell dwelling to the Lewis fence line if the distance is less than 50 feet, Tammi will need to be contacted and asked to remove her animals to within compliance distance. The noise and nuisance issue with the ducks and geese will need to be addressed with another ordinance, if indeed the city has something to address that issue. The council members agreed to the solution.

Police Report: Officer Skinner reported 60 contacts.

Maintenance Report: Doug mowed and watered the park and cemetery, repaired the lawn mower, sent water and sewer samples, sent EPA letter, fixed a water leak on 6th street, turned on 3 water connection, shut off 2 connections, Georgetown 2nd Ward painted fire hydrants, new picnic tables are needed at the pavilion, city to request 10 yards of gravel from the state highway pit, Mayor to send the request letter, lighted speed sign to be located up Stringtown Lane, he will make barricades for the celebration, county sprayed weeds at sewer lagoons, Canadian thistle a problem, PRV in Corey Hayes’ field needs attention, will contact Alan Wilder for help.

Marty reported 12 delinquent water and sewer accounts. Reviewed with the council the new legislation regarding public meetings. City council meeting needs to be posted 5 days before meeting comes to order. Agenda for the meeting must be posted 48 hours before the meeting. No changes to the agenda can be made between the 48 hour period and city meeting. Changes can be made to the agenda by motion during the public meeting. Reasons for changing the agenda during the public meeting must be viable; “I forgot” doesn’t cut it.

The chair entertained a motion from council member Barry Bergholm the council approve and sign checks and vouchers for the month of June 2009 with funds totaling $12,717.38 in the general fund, $27,174.74 in the water fund, $12, 709.62 in the sewer fund, with all funds totaling $52,601.74. Council member Annell Williamson seconded the motion. All were in favor and the motion carried the council.

At 10:15 pm, the chair entertained a motion from council member Duane Peterson the council adjourn from the July 2009 council meeting. Council member Joe DeClark seconded the motion. All were in favor and the motion carried the council.

Respectfully submitted by,

Marty Nate, City Clerk

City of Georgetown


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