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Council Minutes August 4, 2015

Thursday, September 3rd, 2015

August 4, 2015


Those Present: Matt Argyle, Ada DeClark, Joe DeClark, Glenn Hunter, Clerk Lynette Smith, Doug Thompson, Mayor Bob Van Cleave, Mable Whitmore, Marty Nate, Kaleb Smith for Boy Scouts, James Teuscher and Gary Teuscher, CPA


Meeting called to order: 7:00 pm                            Invocation: Councilmember Matt Argyle


The chair entertained a motion from councilmember Joe DeClark that the council accepts the published agenda. Councilmember Glenn Hunter seconded the motion. All were in favor and the motion carried the council.


Minutes from the July 7, 2015, regular council meeting were read aloud by Clerk Smith. The chair entertained a motion from councilmember Joe DeClark the council accepts the minutes as read. Councilmember Ada DeClark seconded the motion. All were in favor and the motion carried.


Keller Associates submitted a progress report for the wastewater project for all councilmembers to review. Construction has been completed and the project should be completely finished up by the end of this week. The Certificate of Substantial Completion was signed by the Mayor. The 1-year warranty on the project will be in effect until December 1, 2015 and for the slide gates until July 29, 2016. Final bills to finish out the project and the loan should be submitted to the City from Keller’s very soon.


The Veteran’s Memorial will be getting another bench to be just like the Memorial Bench made for Bo Taylor and Trent Sorensen. Agrium donated $700 to the City for this bench and would like to have their logo on it. Doug will get in touch with the people to come pour and lay the concrete for the benches to be put on in a circle around the memorial. Marty is going to speak to Simplot in September and see if they would be willing to donate money for a third bench as well.


Clerk Smith reported what she heard back from Greydon Wright with the Idaho Transportation Department on the Georgetown Creek Bridge Replacement that will happen in 2016 or 2017. The State has requested for the water lines to be moved 14 feet deeper and the cost will be approximately $6,000.00. Lynette has prepared and sent a letter to Ed Bala the District Engineer for the project requesting for the State to pay for the expenses to move the pipe. She will report back when she hears a response from them. There is another future project in store for the highway through Georgetown to lay new asphalt and that will take place around 2019.


Lynette has followed up with LHTAC to find out when the $100,000.00 grant will be disbursed. She was informed that the money should be coming on August 7th. Most all of the bills have come in from the project, we are just waiting on a couple more to come in. All of the roads in the City were able to be chip sealed with the exception of about 4 streets. There should also be enough money to try and fix the 13’x18’ driveway for the Sorensen’s that was tour up during the sewer project along 100 West Street. At the completion of the project, the City will need to fill out a Project Document Summary report about the project and money used and will also need to submit before and after pictures of the roads. Lynette will prepare the report and Councilmember Joe DeClark has already taken care of the pictures.


Marty Nate came to report to the council about the Twin Creek Days celebration. Things went very well and Marty felt like it was one of the best we’ve had yet. The committee has decided that they will keep the celebration on the second Saturday of July each year. Marty was also able to come in under budget after all revenues have been deposited and expenses have been paid. The council also expressed how much they all enjoyed the entertainment this year with Jared Rogerson and recommended to have him back again soon.


The council then engaged in the budget workshop with City Auditor and CPA, Gary H. Teuscher for Fiscal Year 2015-2016. Councilmember Ada DeClark made the motion to give each City employee – Doug Thompson, Lynette Smith and John Martinez a 3% wage increase. Councilmember Matt Argyle seconded the motion. All were in favor and the motion carried. The budget hearing for the new fiscal year will be held at the next council meeting in September to approve these numbers from the workshop.


Councilmember Matt Argyle will contact Bruce Hillman to come and do an estimate at the City Hall for insulating the building and will get bids to replace the windows on the building as well.


Police Report:   Officer John Martinez made 28 total contacts for the month of July. The County Sheriff’s Department has also implemented a new program with Subway cards to give away to kids that they notice are being safe on their bikes with wearing the proper gear and helmets. He would like to try and get this program here in our City as well. Lynette was able to get a hold of the company and they are going to send us some cards worth $6.50 each as soon as they can.


Maintenance Report:  Doug Thompson gave his report for the month of July stating that he was able to remove the trees along Stringtown that were becoming an issue. He turned off water services at one location and went to Preston for a water class and did his testing for the month. He helped set up and clean up for the Twin Creek Days celebration. He sent his EPA letter for the month and has been helping Keller Associates and Taylor Construction to get finished up on the sewer project. He has tried his test pump again and it still isn’t working like it is supposed to so he will be sending it back to get the next bigger size so he can complete his sewer testing each month.


Office Report:  There are 22 delinquent water and sewer accounts for the month of July. Lynette also reported that the bids from the equipment offered at Twin Creek Days were awarded to Doug Thompson and Tiffany Argyle. She also reminded councilmembers of the upcoming election and notified them of the candidate filing periods which are Monday, August 24th through Friday, September 4th.


The chair entertained a motion from councilmember Ada DeClark the council approve checks and vouchers for the month of July 2015 in the amount of $11,495.66 in the general fund, $5,836.13 in the water fund, $51,320.50 in the sewer fund with all funds totaling $68,652.29. Councilmember Glenn Hunter seconded the motion. All were in favor and the motion carried the council.


The chair entertained a motion from councilmember Matt Argyle that the council adjourn from the August 2015 council meeting at 9:45 pm. Councilmember Joe DeClark seconded the motion. All were in favor and the motion carried the council.


Respectfully submitted,


Lynette Smith, City Clerk